2018 Michigan Driving Statistics: How Safe Are the Roads? | Article
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2018 Michigan Driving Statistics: How Safe Are the Roads?

Staying safe on the road requires being attentive, cautious and informed. It’s easy to become desensitized to the dangers of driving as you continue to gain experience and put in more miles on the road. But how safe are the roads according to the facts? These Michigan driving statistics should help you understand what’s happening on the roads you travel every day.

Total Crashes in Michigan in 2018: 312,798

According to the state of Michigan’s driving statistics, there were over 300,000 crashes involving one or more vehicles in 2018. With 7,222,165 licensed drivers, and ignoring out-of-state drivers, this means approximately one in every 23 licensed drivers in Michigan will experience a crash each year. These crashes involved everything from multi-car collisions to drivers running into property.

Of these accidents:

  • 82% Caused Property Damage Only
  • 18% Caused Injury to One or More People
  • Less than 1% Involved Fatalities

With most crashes causing only property damage, it’s important to pay attention to your property damage liability coverage and collision coverages. While it may seem financially sound to lower your premiums with less coverage, your chances of being involved in an auto accident are higher than you may think! Having enough coverage to restore your vehicle after an accident can save you major headaches down the road.

Are Smartphone Distractions Making the Roads Less Safe?

In 2018, 2,933 crashes on Michigan roads were attributed to cell phone use. This includes drivers using cell phones, but also pedestrians or bicyclists that may have also been distracted by their own phones.

These numbers increased dramatically from just 682 crashes in 2014 but have remained consistent from the 2017 to 2018 period.

A driver looking at their smartphone while driving


Almost exactly half of the cell phone related crashes were rear-end crashes, where the distracted driver failed to stop and struck the car in front of them.

It’s important to note that attributing the cause of the crash to cell phone usage is done on the police report, at the scene of the crash. It’s likely that more accidents had cell phone distractions as part of the cause. Staying safe on the road means paying attention. Texts and social media aren’t more important than safely operating your car!

Lighten Up the Lead Foot

Around 10 percent of all crashes in 2018 were attributed to speeding, totaling 31,003 crashes. Surprisingly, over 70 percent of these speeding-related crashes were single-car incidents. That means when you speed, you’re putting yourself at risk most of all. It doesn’t matter how empty the roads are, your chances of losing control rise dramatically.

These high-speed accidents, despite making up only 10 percent of all accidents in Michigan, accounted for 20 percent of the fatalities.

It’s Deer Season All Year on the Roads

No matter what time of year, deer-related crashes happen in the thousands or tens of thousands. Whether you’re in a city like Adrian, Michigan or out on a beautiful country road. According to Michigan driving statistics, which counts any incident caused by a deer (whether or not the deer was struck) to be a deer-related crash, over 53,400 accidents were attributed to them!

A deer standing still in the middle of a road


The breakdown by quarter is a good reminder that deer are ever-present around our roads, and safety for you and them requires attentive driving:

  • January – March: 11,789 Crashes
  • April – June: 10,817 Crashes
  • July – September: 8,313 Crashes
  • October – December: 22,545 Crashes

Broken down by time of day, the most likely time for deer related accidents was between 7:00 and 8:00 AM. So, keep an eye out on your morning commute!

It’s also important to remember that you may need comprehensive coverage in your insurance policy to cover costs associated with deer collisions. Liability insurance alone won’t cover it! If you’re a new driver, we have an article to help you learn more about common insurance terms for driving and other forms of insurance.

Commercial Operation Has Its Risks

While making up only around 5 percent of the crashes in 2018, accidents involving heavy trucks or buses have increased from 2017, from 12,886 crashes to 14,803!  The majority of incidents involving larger vehicles are related to operator errors such as backing up, improper lane changes and accidents while making turns.

For business owners with heavy trucks, or those looking at the industry, it’s important to remember that your vehicle needs special coverage to cover not just liability, but also your cargo. We can help you find the best trucking insurance options available to you in Michigan.

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