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Insurance in Sylvania, OH

Insurance in Sylvania, OH for businesses, individuals, and families.

Sylvania city hall, Sylvania, Ohio

Iott Insurance in Sylvania, OH

Note: We are not located in Sylvania, OH but we offer services all over the state of Ohio. You can visit our office nearest to the city of Sylvania at:

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Monday – Friday: 8:00AM – 5:00PM

About Iott Insurance Agency

Iott Insurance is a reputable insurance agency with a rich history spanning over half a century. We believe that insurance in Sylvania, OH should be straightforward and within reach for everyone.

We have offices in Blissfield, Lambertville, and Petersburg, allowing us to serve the local communities of Ohio and Michigan.

Our commitment to offering affordable insurance solutions has led us to partner with the finest insurance providers in both states, allowing us to offer a diverse range of business and personal insurance plans. Whether you are an individual or a business entity, we can help.

Companies We Represent

Our wide range of solutions is due to our network of insurance companies, so whatever your specific needs are, we have a solution for you.

Learn more about the companies we represent.

Community Involvement & Events

We care about the well-being of the Sylvania community and its surrounding cities, which is why we are committed to actively supporting local organizations, events, and programs throughout Ohio.

Learn more about our involvement in the community.


All of our achievements are due to the unwavering commitment of our skilled experts, who work tirelessly to provide exceptional insurance solutions to our customers in Sylvania.

Meet the team that will help you find the best insurance in Sylvania, OH.

Why Should You Work with Us to Find the Best Insurance Company in Sylvania?

Finding the ideal Sylvania, Ohio insurance company for your needs becomes effortless when you choose to work with us.

Wide Range of Insurance Services

Thanks to our partnerships, we are able to provide you with diverse insurance services. Whether you are a business or an individual, we have a solution for you.

Over Half a Century of Experience

Our many decades of experience allow us to guide you through the complexities of insurance and help you find the insurance policies you need as quickly as possible.

Highly Involved in the Community

We recognize that thriving communities are built on a foundation of mutual support, so we actively contribute to the well-being and growth of the cities we serve.


Explore our Sylvania, Ohio insurance services.

Business Insurance

Policies for companies seeking to protect their operations against unexpected events.

General Liability

General liability insurance or business liability insurance provides financial protection against claims of bodily injury, property damage, and more, arising from your business operations.

Business Owners Policy

Business Owners Policies or BOPs are customizable insurance packages that combine essential coverages for businesses with the goal of making insurance as easy as possible.

Professional Liability

Professional liability insurance safeguards businesses from claims for negligence, mistakes, or inadequate work in the services they provide.

Workers' Compensation

Workers' compensation insurance protects both employees and employers by covering essential costs in the event that an employee suffers an injury on the job.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Auto insurance in Sylvania, OH designed to protect vehicles used for business purposes. Just like personal auto insurance, commercial auto insurance offers various types of coverage.

Agriculture & Farm

Insurance policies that provide protection against risks associated with agricultural operations, covering machinery, livestock, and crops.

Personal Insurance

Sylvania, Ohio insurance policies for individuals and families.

Homeowner's Insurance

Insurance policies designed to protect homeowners from various risks and potential financial losses related to their property and personal belongings.

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance in Sylvania, OH that covers the costs of repairing or replacing your vehicle, as well as other expenses in case of an unexpected accident on the road.

Motorcycle Insurance

Similar to auto insurance, motorcycle insurance provides financial protection in the event of accidents, and other unexpected events related to your motorcycle.

Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Insurance policies for recreational vehicles, including collision coverage, liability coverage, underinsured or uninsured coverage, and more.

Life Insurance

Life insurance helps you provide financial support to your family members after your death. We provide term life insurance and whole life insurance policies.

Health Insurance

Policies that help individuals and families manage and cover the costs of medical expenses in case of unexpected healthcare needs.

Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance allows you to add an extra layer of protection against liabilities related to auto accidents, general injuries on your property, and more.

Flood Insurance

Flood insurance is essential for property owners in flood-prone areas to safeguard against significant financial losses caused by flooding events.

Request a Quote for Insurance in Sylvania, Ohio

Choose Iott Insurance for affordable custom insurance plans backed by a team of experienced professionals and access to leading providers.

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See what people are saying about Iott’s insurance services in Sylvania.

After 21 years of service I’m still completely satisfied with the level of professionalism and courtesy while keeping a small town easy going attitude. My parents and grandparents have all been clients for years. How many companies remember you and ask how specific members of your family are doing.

Ryan F.

Iott has been the go to Insurance company for both business and personal insurance needs for years. Brandon and the whole crew in Lambertville are great to work with. Highly recommend them!!

Corey S.

The staff at Iott were friendly and helpful with getting me set up with auto insurance. They went above and beyond to find a company to re-establish a policy within my budget.

Sarah M.

Frequently Asked Questions About Insurance in Sylvania, OH

Learn more about investing in our Sylvania, Ohio insurance services.

  • Do You Offer Customizable Insurance Packages?

    Yes, at Iott Insurance Agency, we offer customizable insurance packages tailored to your specific needs. Our experienced staff of industry professionals will work closely with you to understand your unique situation and risks.

  • What Areas Do You Serve?

    We serve communities all over Ohio, and Michigan such as the city of Sylvania through our three locations in Blissfield, Lambertville, and Petersburg. Our agency is dedicated to providing you with the best quality service in the area.

    Are you interested in our insurance services? To learn more please visit our location nearest you or simply send us a message.

  • How Much Is Car Insurance in Sylvania, OH per Month?

    Car insurance rates can vary widely based on factors such as your driving history, type of vehicle, coverage needs, and more, therefore, it's challenging for us to provide an accurate monthly cost without more details about your unique situation.

    Please request a quote so our experienced team can gather the necessary information and work with you to find the right car insurance in Sylvania that fits your needs and budget.

  • What Is the Best Motorcycle Insurance in Sylvania, OH?

    The "best" motorcycle insurance varies from person to person, as it's influenced by factors such as the type of motorcycle you own, desired coverage levels, and more.

    At Iott Insurance, our experienced team can guide you through the available options, explaining the coverage details and helping you make an informed decision.

    Request a quote today and we'll take the time to understand your requirements and match you with a motorcycle insurance in Sylvania that provides the right protection for your motorcycle while keeping your budget in mind.

  • What Does RV Insurance in Sylvania, OH Cover?

    Our policies cover a wide range of recreational vehicles such as boats, snowmobiles, ATVs, campers, golf carts, and more.

    Our RV insurance policies include collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, liability coverage, and underinsured or uninsured coverage.

    We're here to assist you in finding the best RV insurance in Sylvania, OH for your needs. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our services or request a personalized quote.

  • What is an Insurance Premium?

    An insurance premium is the amount of money an individual or business pays to an insurance company in exchange for coverage or protection against specific risks.

    This payment is usually made on a regular basis, often monthly or annually. The premium amount is determined based on various factors such as the type of insurance, the level of coverage, the insured person's or entity's risk profile, and other relevant considerations.

  • What Type of Insurance Do I Need for My Business?

    Selecting the right type of insurance for your business depends on the nature of your operations and the specific risks you face. Here are some types of business insurance you might consider

    • General liability insurance
    • Business owners policy insurance
    • Professional liability insurance
    • Workers' compensation insurance
    • Commercial auto insurance
    • Agriculture and farm insurance

    To determine the specific insurance needs of your business, it's recommended to consult with professionals like Iott Insurance Agency.

    We can assess your business operations, understand your risks, and help tailor an insurance plan that provides adequate protection for your unique circumstances.

    Get started with a quote today.