Spring Home Maintenance Checklist - IOTT Insurance Agency, Inc.
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Outside Home

☐ Inspect roof for shingles that are missing, curled up at edges or have moved out of position. (Get bids/book repairs/replacement early to avoid a lengthy delay.)

☐ Clean gutters and downspouts. Make sure they are still in place and properly secured.

☐ Have a professional inspect and clean chimney.

☐ Check for new or worsening cracks and changes in level of all cement or asphalt driveways, walkways, steps and porches. Check handrails for sturdiness.

☐ Look for pooling water after big spring rains close to home foundation.

☐ Check landscape elevation next to house to make sure drainage slope still properly directs water away from home foundation.

☐ Inspect painted surfaces and touch up if necessary.

☐ Check exterior water spigots and supply lines for cracks and leaks.

☐ Check condition of caulk around doors and windows.

☐ Have A/C tune-up performed.

☐ Consider spraying perimeter of house for ants and other insects.

If applicable:

☐ Inspect deck surface and handrails for sturdiness; wash/re-seal if necessary.

☐ Inspect all yard playground equipment; make sure areas underneath have proper cushioning and equipment is still tightly assembled at joints and in good condition.

☐ For walk-out basements, check retaining walls for damage.

☐ Check fences around property and pools for damage, especially if home has small children/pets.

Inside Home

☐ Replace furnace and air conditioning filters (have the furnace inspected and cleaned).

☐ Test smoke/carbon monoxide detectors. Replace batteries. (Replace detectors every 10 years.)

☐ Test fire extinguishers.

☐ Inspect/clean entire length of dryer vent to outside or have it professionally inspected/cleaned.

☐ Check indoor and outdoor air vents for blockages.

☐ Inspect attic for moisture and signs of animal intrusion.

☐ Check basement for any interior cracks or water seepage.

☐ Check that sump pump is operating; if battery back-up exists, check that battery still holds charge.

☐ Have basement drain inspected and any roots/debris removed to avoid backup into basement.

☐ Spring clean to eliminate clutter.

☐ Wash windows and inspect screens for damage/holes.

☐ Make note of all large/newly purchased items. Discuss with your insurance agent to make sure items are properly insured.